HCE-7806 Our AI Journey towards Singularity | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Melbourne 2019
from Monday 13 May to Tuesday 14 May 2019.

   Our AI Journey towards Singularity


Rise of the machines
Rise of the machines
Beginner & novice level
MAIA Tuesday from 17:00 til 17:50

How close are we to an AI Singularity? As many have also call it an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), it is unlike the "narrow" AI we currently have today which can easily beat us at one specific task but fail to perform a simple task which requires combination of knowledge from multiple domains.

Most technical explanation in this talk will be done at intuition level to make sure that anyone at any technical level can enjoy and understand.

I will start with the introduction of what Artificial Intelligence is, followed by a comparison how we solve problem the non-AI vs AI way. The differences between Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Continued with the discussion and demo on state of the art Deep Learning with image recognition.

Next, I will tell you the latest trend in generative AI which can mimic human creativity through technique such as Variational Auto-encoder and GAN. I will also show you how we use them to build something like what we only normally in science fiction movie such as image content reconstruction, mind reading and super resolution.

Lastly, I will show you where are we now in achieving AGI, how hard it is and what needs to be addressed to get there.

Artificial General Intelligence   Machine Learning   Deep Learning  
Agustinus Nalwan
Agustinus Nalwan
From Carsales.com

Passionate in technology innovation to make people's life easier and with over 25 years of experience in software development, Gus has been working in various industries from 3D/Animation, Games Development, Desktop Software, mobile apps and very recently Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Well-known for unorthodox ways of solving difficult problems, Gus currently works at Carsales as the Head of AI, inventing and building many cool AI projects such as Cyclops Image Recognition and providing technical direction to various teams across Carsales on AI.

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