GTN-6467 Moving towards more data driven devops at Xero | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Melbourne 2019
from Monday 13 May to Tuesday 14 May 2019.

   Moving towards more data driven devops at Xero


Automate all the things
Automate all the things
Intermediate level
Sketch Tuesday from 16:00 til 16:50

With most companies using continuous monitoring tools to keep track of how our software is performing in production, are we monitoring one of our most crucial processes, that of delivering the software itself?

As we improve our release processes and automate more and more of our delivery pipelines, how do we know that we are improving?

Learn how Xero is working to transform our delivery processes by moving towards more monitoring of the development process itself - beginning with release frequency - and how we can use this to drive decision making in the future for continuous improvement.

DevOps   delivery pipeline   monitoring approach  
Natasha Alexandrou
Natasha Alexandrou
From Xero

Natasha is a Delivery Engineer at Xero, working with software development teams to automate delivery pipelines, reduce build and deployment cycle times and better understand the tools and infrastructure being used in order to drive continuous improvement.

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