ERL-6240 Living on the Edge with Lambda@Edge | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Melbourne 2019
from Monday 13 May to Tuesday 14 May 2019.

   Living on the Edge with Lambda@Edge


Modern Web
Modern Web
Intermediate level
SUMAC Tuesday from 16:00 til 16:50

An introduction to AWS Lambda@Edge. Lambda@Edge is a feature of Amazon CloudFront which aims to provide low-latency web experiences by giving you the ability to run code closer to the user. I will give you an insight into how to use it and some of the pain points you might encounter when getting started. The main feature of the talk will be a demo of a static website I created which uses Lambda@Edge. During the demo, we will have a look at the Lambda code and learn how to deploy it using CloudFormation.

AWS Lambda   Cloud Ecosystems  
Sarah Bernard
Sarah Bernard

I am a graduate Software Developer at REA Group. Over the last year my work has varied from front end development to virtual reality. Most recently I spend three months working in a DevOps team where I learnt a lot about how REA uses AWS. I love learning about new technology and sharing knowledge. My most recent achievement is winning REA's hackathon with a talking bin.

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