Mel Vasu | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Melbourne 2019
from Monday 13 May to Tuesday 14 May 2019.

Mel Vasu
Mel Vasu

Mel joined MYOB to undertake her very first job as a Graduate Developer. She thinks of programming as an endless world of learning. Currently, she’s on crew rotations in her graduate program, experiencing different aspects of development and business.

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Unravelling the mysteries of React - a beginner perspective


Imagine a world where you can’t touch/see/hear anything. How would you experience this beautiful world? Similar, but not as dramatic, is the world of software without user interface. You have all this data, but you have no way of interacting or playing with it.

Up until a couple of months ago, I thought being a front-end developer was just making things pretty. I’ve come to realize how wrong I have been and that front-end is the medium of interacting with software. To this cause, I took up React. However, it wasn’t easy learning React with all the overwhelming information in tutorials and books.

This talk is to share my beginner experience with React. I’m going to take you through a journey of why I chose React over other web-development frameworks, what things helped me get started and some of the aha! moments I had. You will come out of this talk with a better understanding of React as well as some techniques and tools you can leverage when working with React. Its aim is to help other beginners but maybe even a few experienced React’ors may get something from it!

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