Andrew Jones | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Melbourne 2019
from Monday 13 May to Tuesday 14 May 2019.

Andrew Jones is a self-taught software developer and consultant, currently based in Melbourne. He has worked in startups, non-profits and enterprise environments in a variety of roles, with his most recent roles requiring cloud and data engineering specialties so as to build enterprise wide data platforms. Andrew has skills and interests across a wide variety of languages including Clojure, Golang, and Ruby, tools like Apache Kafka, and platforms like AWS. He is equally comfortable working with infrastructure or on front-end code. He is very active in the Melbourne devops and data engineering communities as founder and organiser of the Data Engineering Melbourne meetup, and co-organiser of the Devops Melbourne meetup.

Data Patterns - Migrating from Monolith to Modern Architectures


The data heart of many businesses is monolithic legacy systems, beating powerfully but slowly as they are hardened against rapid change. However, to quickly derive business insight, act for customers in real time, and empower autonomous product teams, we look to microservice architectures and self-service data platforms to infuse the entire organisation with arterial streams of data.

To make the change is equivalent to open-heart surgery - how do we maintain the data pulse while we animate every part of the business with responsive data? The good news for the patient is that we have surgically precise techniques available.

Andrew will share a range of approaches to common scenarios when migrating incrementally from monolithic legacy systems and batch processes to modern streaming architectures and services bounded by business contexts. He will also share some general design principles for modern data architectures. This will provide a practical framework for thinly slicing data migrations that your organisation can start using today.

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